Message from Nancy Remus, EA – OSSEA President

As I write this report I am reflecting on the past 4 months and how quickly it goes, how busy we get and how consumed we become in tax season. This was my second year of a reduced tax load and I still managed to stress myself and finish my last return at 7:00PM on the 18th. Some things just do not seem to change.
OSSEA was busy this tax season as well.

In February, Governor Kasich declared Feb 6th to 12th Enrolled Agent week. We did not have much notice and in the middle of tax season that did not make getting the word out easy. We had a formal presentation and several of our members were able to attend. Maybe now we are on the radar and will be notified earlier so we have time to get more media exposure. Any news stories the first week of February is good for business. Thank you, Nancy Campbell EA for making this happen for 2017.

On March 22, 2017, Kay Hill, EA and Angela Radic, EA testified before the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee in favor of Governor Kasich’s proposal to centralize the collection of municipal business net profit tax returns. Ohio has over 600 municipal tax districts, and the current filing process for business operating in multiple districts is cumbersome and paper intensive. They did temper their endorsement with the caveat that the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG), the platform that would be used for the centralized filing system, must be bolstered to support the additional traffic that the system would bear. OBG is currently prone to shut-downs and lock-outs, which can make its use frustrating for individuals and tax professionals. Thank you for speaking for us during tax season Angela and Kay.

I am sure many of you were in the news during tax season answering questions and letting Ohio know about EA’s. If you are on TV, quoted in a newspaper or heard on the radio, please let Pam ( know so we can add it to our website. Also, if you see a fellow EA step up let Pam know as well. Each time one of our own is in the news we all benefit.

Now is our time to reflect and start changes in place to improve next tax season. We all

need to look at OSSEA and see how we can make use of the resources we already have available. We also need to look at our organization and see how me can make changes to improve those resources.

The state board is looking for ways to make improvements but we cannot do this alone, we need everyone to get involved in making the chapters strong networking groups that provide support when you need it.

One change we made in January was the hiring of a new Society Executive, Pam Foster. January is never a good time for us to make a change for us, we felt that this was the best for our future. I am hoping that now tax season is over we can help Pam get the information she needs to get us back on track with our communications. This newsletter is our first step.

We have our convention plans underway. Look for emails with information soon. We will be at Dear Creek State Park on September 24 to September 26. Our Annual Fall Update planning is also under way. The previous location has closed so we will be letting you know when and where we will be meeting in the near future so you can put it on your calendar now.

Finally, you all will notice an increase in OSSEA dues when you get your renewal notice. This is a move the board did not do without thought and discussion. We are also looking at ways to cut our cost. One measure the board is taking this year is not to hold our May Board meeting at the convention site. We have already had a convention at Dear Creek State Park so most of us are familiar with the facility. This means we will have a one day board meeting at the Library in Grove City, Ohio. Another cost cut is finding free meeting space for the board meetings. We as a board will continue to look for new ways to increase our non-dues income, cut our cost, use our money wisely, and not compromise services.

Please feel free to contact me via email ( if you have questions, concerns or ideas how we can make OSSEA all we need it to be.

Nancy Remus EA
OSSEA President